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Brief Discription and Scope of work

These Income tax services includes help with prior year tax preparation, un-filed state tax returns, tax liens, back taxes, tax debt relief and IRS offer and compromise paperwork assistance. We also offer rare services such as innocent spouse relief, and limited tax audit help for our clients, which some of our competitors do not. 

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When you call or email us, we will need to know exactly what the issue is. We will need copies of the original filed tax returns, any letters from the IRS or State, and know what actions you have taken up to this point. You are under no obligation to hire us or use our service. After we have discussed the matter with you and reviewed all related material, we will determine if we can help you or not. We cannot help all of our clients. We will let you know either way and direct you to the person or company that may be able to help you.  

What if we can not help you?

In the event that we can not help you with your tax issues, we will put you in touch with a professional that can help you.  I will know before we get started, and before you pay me any money, if your needs are beyond what we can reasonably offer you.

How do I get started?

If you decide to move forward with our service, an initial fee of $250 will be collected for the preparation of documents and possibly amend your personal tax returns if necessary, to correct any problems. Additional fees may apply and each situation is unique and requires different amounts of time and paperwork to accomplish your goals.

Get Rid of Tax Debt -Offer In Compromise


Attention: Police Officers, EMS, Fireman, Teachers, Tradesman and Self Employed Persons, I have 25 years experience preparing your tax returns! Don't trust just anyone with your tax preparation and personal financial information 

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